Simple, Nontoxic Fabric Freshener

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I haven’t bought dryer sheets in years. In fact, I do everything under the sun to stay away from synthetic fragrance as much as possible these days.

Homemade dryer sheets can be made quickly and easily with essential oils. Making your own dryer sheets is also a safe and nontoxic alternative to using store bought dryer sheets that contain many synthetic chemicals such as benzyl acetate and phosphoric acid.

It is so simple…just…

Place a drop or two of your favourite essential oil on a washcloth and place it in the dryer!

I just put a few drops directly on the towels instead of using a washcloth. With the larger loads of towels and laundry , I use more oil; and for my intimates I use a little less!

So have fun and be creative…you can’t go wrong! And you will love your homemade dryer sheets!

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